Doctora o especialista dermatóloga tomando fotos con el dispositivo meesma a una paciente


The new portable device that captures standardized clinical and aesthetic, facial and body images in high quality

Are you looking for an easy-to-use imaging system for your clinic?
Do you want to reduce the effort and time in taking pictures without sacrificing image quality?
Do you are short of space in your clinic?

meesma is a working tool for clinical and aesthetic photography and a portable solution for capturing standardized facial and body images in high quality.

With meesma, you will get a precise visualisation of your patients’ skin: pigmented lesions, melasma, vitiligo, wrinkles, moles, superficial capillaries, dark spots, acne, pores and skin texture.

The meesma application and its data protection system allow you to document the efficacy of the treatments and the results of your patients securely and reliably in the cloud.
Doctora o especialista dermatóloga tomando fotos con la luz de Wood del dispositivo meesma a una paciente

The all-in-one device that fits in one hand

Get ready with meesma for the ultimate high quality imaging experience!

meesma is the new flexible imaging system for aesthetic medicine with a stylish and ergonomic design that fits in one hand, offering unequalled simplicity and convenience in capturing standardised before and after images of patients’ facial and body treatments.

Combined with the iPad, the database and the intuitive application, meesma revolutionises the way of capturing high quality images.

The device easily connects to the iPad via Bluetooth and allows you to switch between different meesma light sources for perfect, standardised high-quality.

Visualise your patients' skin condition

with the 4 meesma light types

UV light (Wood)

UV (Wood) light imaging allows you to visualise the effects of UV radiation on the skin and reveals sun damage such as hyperpigmentation and other skin problems such as acne, melasma, etc.

Cross polarised light

Cross polarised light provides a visual representation of skin colours and reveals details such as hyperpigmentation, dark spots, redness and blood vessels.

Parallel polarised light

Parallel polarised light images capture the surface properties of the skin and show skin texture, fine lines and wrinkles in great detail.

Neutral light

Neutral light captures the natural characteristics of the skin and ensures good comparability of before and after images in different lighting conditions.

Una mano sujetando el dispositivo meesma y la otra mano manipulando el iPad

Total flexibility

The flexible imaging system for the aeshetics that integrates an iPad for convenient, one-handed use.

Icono de la tecnología Bluetooth disponible en el meesma

Bluetooth connection

The Bluetooth connection allows you to control the different types of lighting through an application.

Icono con forma de nube o Hub Cloud de FotoFinder

Cloud & universe platform

The images captured in the app are transferred to a secure database (FotoFinder universe or the Cloud Hub)

Detalle del asidero y una mano sosteniendo el dispositivo meesma

Wall hanger

meesma is mobile, handy and wireless and can be easily integrated into your workflows and teams - always available and to be within reach!

Imagen del cutis de una mujer con unos puntos de control de la herramienta Proposer

Suggestion tool

Visualise uniformity, pigmentation, redness and other skin problems and make personalised product and treatment recommendations.

Icono que simboliza los cuatro tipos de iluminación del meesma

Types of illumination

meesma offers four types of illumination: UV light (Wood), Cross-polarised, Parallel polarised and Neutral light.

Vista frontal y trasera del dispositivo meesma
Dermatólogo revisando en el dispositivo meesma la sesión fotográfica para determinar los siguientes tratamientos estéticos

Perfect images

Anybody, anytime, anywhere

meesma is so easy and flexible to use, that anyone in your clinic can capture, view, edit and compare standardised, high quality images of your aesthetic treatments, be it fillers, peels, body contouring or laser treatments – anytime, anywhere… without voluminous tripods or a chinrest.

Standardised photographs

Improve visualisation of treatment progress with meesma

The meesma application offers an easy-to-use interface that makes taking standardised photographs effortless, even for people who are not experts in photography. The meesma application helps you to align follow-up images with the initial image to perfectly visualise the progress and success of the treatment.

Impress your patients with meaningful before-and-after comparisons and motivate them to continue with the recommended treatments.

Standardised before and after images

Capture brilliant images from head to toe with ease.

Whether you want to document facials, body treatments or laser sessions: the photos show even the smallest details of the skin’s condition and development.

Proposer v.10

A ferramenta inteligente para aconselhamento e comunicação

O novo FotoFinder Proposer v.10, permite melhorar as suas consultas e aumentar vendas, apresentando aos pacientes propostas personalizadas de produtos e tratamentos. Acomode-se no seu consultório de forma cómoda, para explicar as imagens, visualizar a uniformidade e o envelhecimento, criando um plano de tratamentos detalhados e personalizados, directamente na aplicação.

meesma app, cloud and database

You choose!

The meesma app offers a user-friendly interface that makes photography easy for everyone. With the FotoFinder Hub cloud solution, you can easily upload your images for convenient management and secure access anywhere.

Are you already working with FotoFinder? If you already use a FotoFinder system with the FotoFinder universe platform, you can easily integrate the meesma too. The images from the application are transferred directly to the FotoFinder database through your secure WLAN and you benefit from mobile working together with centralised data storage.

meesma of a review

·  meesma mobile imaging system for maximum flexibility;

·  Standardised photos from head to toe in high quality;

·  Four types of light: UV (Wood), Cross Polarized, Parallel Polarized, Neutral;

·  meesma application;

·  Bluetooth connection for convenient control through the application;

·  Secure database;

"Discover a world of possibilities in the palm of your hand"

Get your own meesma device and start enjoying all its advantages!

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"El equipo de imagen móvil más versátil que conozco, que agiliza enormemente nuestras tareas diarias"
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